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SP Snowglobe

Frau's snowglobe shows the Barsburg Church right after it's shaken. 

Four other images will come into view one after another. 

The first is a cliff side.  It looks like any other cliff besides the fact that there is a large chunk of rock missing from the top section.  It's basically the size of a car.

The second is a large cavern willed with narrow bridges spanning from one side to another.  As a whole, the place is known as the Bridge of Tribulation.

Next comes the Evvie Tree.  It's absolutely massive and takes up much of the courtyard.  The tree is so big that some of it's branches are actually about the same width as a human body. 

Finally, the image switches to the sky and the one place Frau always feels comfortable and at home.  A hawkzile.


Frau is one of the seven ghosts of his canon (basically a death god).  As a result, he can see souls and the type of soul a person has.  Frau is also able to see bonds/connections between people as chains.  Usually he sees the negative ones.  For example, giving up part of your soul or body in exchange for something would definitely show as chains binding a person.  Any connection that really binds fates or souls together would qualify.  So I need to know what Frau might see or notice about your character. 

1.  Would you consider your character's soul particularly tainted/corrupt or pure?  (Incredibly pure souls might be something Frau would want to try and eat.)

2.  Is there any kind of bond that Frau would see as chains?  (More negative than positive, but he'd see positive too)

3.  Anything else he should know or would see?

Finally, Frau is also able to sever these bonds.  In canon he can sever ALL bonds.  I know that cross canon this isn't possible.  However, if you're looking for a way to easily break some corruption or control or something let me know and we'll see if we can work something out.  

SP Nicknames and Character Relations

For my own personal reference in case I forget...


Artemis dontdrinktheAKA Feathers : He started asking so hefty questions, and Frau noticed. He later ran into him after hours in the slums.
Clark Kent isitablurred : He's rather pushy, but in general a nice guy. Frau didn't bother to get to know him too well though. If he had stuck around, Clark would have convinced him into another cat.

Fai D. Flourite cursdbludysmile AKA Pommie: Unfortunately Fai and Frau found out that neither was truly human the first time they met. They now hold each other's secrets. Why Pommie? It's based off of pomegranite (the desperation to have food of the Greek, I think, goddess plus it's the color of blood) and because shortened it sounds like a cheerleaders pom poms and Fai's way of using smiles to hide the truth

Grell Sutcliff deathknellgrell AKA Kamikazi: Frau hates this guy and would love to cut him to ribbons if given the chance. He is not a girl, thank you, and he doesn't want to have any type of love interest with Grell. At all.

Hitsugaya Toshirou icy_heavens AKA Shorts: He found out about Frau's scythe right off the bat. Or at least he's seen it acting up, which is beyond to far in Frau's opinion. The "kid" also tried to meddle in Frau's business. No thanks.

Jinx hexyoutotuesday : She's Frau's employer. They didn't get along at first, but things seem to be going okay. Who know what will happen once he actually starts work though.

Kevin Ford southernreaper AKA Casper: Frau has taken Kevin on as one of his little project children. While they've only met once, Frau isn't going to leave the kid alone.

Replica Riku madeinoblivion AKA Fog(?): He's spoken with Frau more than once, and he actually seems concerned about Frau. Honestly, Frau isn't sure what to make of that.

Ronald Knox id_rather_party : Frau really likes this guy. They're like kindered spirits. Off to go get some porn!

Sakura kaijuusakura : She knows Fai and worries about him. That's enough for Frau. Unfortunately Frau also tried to eat her.

People He's Met Too Briefly

Asano Keigo asano_san

Agatsuma Soubi isyourdestiny

Billy Flynn raazzledaazzle
Gabriel painhumbles

Ishida Uryuu sequincy

Jack Vessalius goldilocked

Kurogane not_yourdaddy

Laughing Beauty deceptive_lulz

Shiroe Rei Seki zealouspeter
Sub Zero coldestshoulder

Unohana Retsu calm_tempest

IC Contact

For all of your lovely ladies out there falling over yourselves in an effort to talk to me, I'm right here.  I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I have a second too. 

For those of you who aren't lovely ladies... I'll get there eventually.


How's My Driving?

Crit post for Frau. 

Character Information

Player Information

Name: Bry
Age: 22
AIM SN: littlefishy206
email: batesoleb@oh.rr.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Currently Played Characters: None

Character Information

Canon Source: 07-Ghost
Canon Format: Manga and anime, though will be taken from manga time
Character's Name: Bishop Frau
Character's Age: Around 22 (is officially dead though)

What form will your character's NV take?
Frau’s NV will be almost like a foldable, touch screen PDA, but it’s shaped like a naked woman. It’s only going to take him quite a bit of time to learn to use it.

Character's Canon Abilities: In Frau’s world of Barsburg, certain people are capable of using an ability called zaiphon. Zaiphon is a manifestation of feelings that can be used to fight or defend as well as to heal. Frau uses mainly an offensive type causing explosions, slashes of power, or a ring around a victim’s neck that could easily take their head off if closed. Basically zaiphon looks like a string of chicken scratch (the writing of Barsburg) glowing a faint blue. The appearance of zaiphon, however, can change based on the words that make it up. For example, zaiphon made with “anger” is spiky and feels painful even without touching it.

Frau is also one of the seven ghosts of his world. The seven ghosts are pieces of the god of death, Verloren, who committed a crime against the chief of heaven and fled to earth. Each ghost has part of this death god’s power. Frau’s ghost is Zehel, the ghost of severing. Zehel is capable of severing bonds between people’s souls. Typically this is used to free someone’s soul who has died and is unable to return to heaven. As Zehel, Frau can activate the abilities of his ghost where his spirit leaves his body and takes on the form of Zehel (a skeletal figure in a black cloak). In this form he is able to walk through walls and float around. Only those who can see spirits or the like would know he’s there. However, becoming Zehel leaves Frau’s body as a soulless doll.

Aside from supernatural type abilities, Frau is physically strong. He can easily jump rather high and has survived a jump out of one of the top floors of a cathedral while carrying two kids without so much of a scratch. As a whole, he’s incredibly quick when he wants to be.

Frau’s main weapon is a scythe that resides within his right arm. This scythe originally belonged to Verloren and holds quite a bit of power. Since it is a death god’s scythe, it can also only be seen by those who have some kind of spiritual power and perhaps a few others. It is nearly sentient and strongly wants to eat souls, especially pure ones. The problem is, this scythe would do anything to get back to its master. No one besides Frau or Verloren has managed to survive using it.

Unfortunately for Frau, the scythe is corrupting him. It has tainted his soul to an extreme level and will slowly eat away at him until he no longer has a human soul left. Because of this, Frau also eats souls, but he manages to keep it to only the souls of those who are corrupt. Frau’s desire to consume the souls of the pure continues to increase, but he resists knowing it will be the end of him. The scythe is what leads to Frau’s few lapses in control where he seems to become someone else entirely both physically and personality wise

Character History:

Frau was orphaned at a very young age, but still dreamed of joining his fellow sky pilots like his parents had. His dream finally became a reality; however, the Barsburg Empire attacked and destroyed the sky pilots. Since Frau was the only survivor of the attack, he was brought to the church as an orphan. The attack had destroyed faith in people and especially God because he’d wanted to fight with his friends to the end. Instead he was left behind. To this day he has no faith in God and isn't even sure the person even exists. Ever since he was a child, Frau had extremely high talent with Zaiphon (he was even better than the bishops as a kid). He holds the all time high score in the bishop’s exam of using zaiphon. He did fail the exam three years in a row because he didn’t know the scriptures and had no intention of learning them.

Frau became a bishop of Barsburg Church. However, he isn't your ordinary bishop. Frau has planted hidden books of porn in the church library and uses them all the time. He also smokes a lot and is very short with his temper. Frau doesn't think very highly of others, and will normally brush them off. He's a big tease and trouble maker as well. Frau hates doing anything actually related to the church; going to mass is torture for him and he'll do anything to get out of it. Frau also disobeys many other rules of the church, like eating meat. It’s one of the reasons he doesn’t get along well with Castor, a fellow bishop who punishes him all the time.

Most users of zaiphon use it with a bascule. Frau uses his with with a scythe. The scythe is drawn from Frau's right arm where the zaiphon marks for it are located. This scythe happens to belong to the death god Verloren.
Unknown to most, Frau is one of the seven ghosts of the Barsburg Empire, Zehel. The ghosts are considered to be "messengers from God" and Gods themselves who were sent to defeat Verloren who came to earth from heaven. Verloren forced people to fall into despair. The seven ghosts were sent out to defeat and seal him, which they did. However, his power is still affecting the people and it is said that he is being freed so the ghosts still have work to do. Since he is one of the ghosts, Frau has died before.

He's officially dead still, his body is just used as a vessel for Zehel. This means that his body is always cold to the touch, which could be picked up by others if they actually manage to touch his skin. This means that Frau can physically freeze solid if it gets too cold, though warmth will unthaw him.

The only one who Frau thinks has any chance to save him is Teito, a child running from the military who is actually the son of the last king of Raggs, Barsburg’s rival country. Frau has been working with Teito and mentoring him during his time at the church, and they’ve become quite fond of each other. It also helps that if Frau is away from Teito more than three days, the slave collar around the boy’s neck will explode. When the military attempted to regain Teito, Frau’s mentor as a child Assistant Archbishop Bastien was revealed as a secret agent for them and attempted to kill Teito. Frau was forced to kill Bastien as Zehel. While he didn’t show it, Frau was rather distraught over Bastien’s death.

The more time that passes with Teito around, the more often Frau starts losing control. After Teito passes his bishop’s exam, Frau takes him on as an apprentice. Unfortunately, Teito’s soul is very desirable to the scythe, so Frau is typically in pain and struggles to hold the scythe in check. The two of them are traveling around Barsburg to visit all seven of the God Houses in order to help Teito get to the land of Seele and regain his memories. They’ve run into quite a few problems with the military, and mainly the Chief of Staff Ayanami (who just so happens to be Verloren’s reincarnation) and his host of warsfiel.

History link is here

Point in Canon:
Frau will be taken right before the Hawkzile race begins. He and Teito just returned Capella, a five year old slave they had picked up upon leaving the church, to his mother. During their time at the home where Capella’s mother worked, Frau was forced to confront the corrupted souls of Capella’s mother’s employer’s family who was attempting to kill those who lived in the house in order to take control of it. Frau destroys them, but the fact that he doesn’t have much time left his thrown in his face by the man he kills right before the scythe connects. As Frau and Teito move on, they decide the best way to get to the next God Houses is to join a hawkzile race that crosses various districts. This way their identification won’t be checked at any of the crossing points.

Character Personality

Personality wise, Frau is a little kid in an adult’s body. Like your typical little boy, he takes extreme risks without concern even if he’s reprimanded for doing it. Frau also disregards all of the rules and most authority figures without the least bit of concern. His cross pendant is actually a lighter in disguise, and he hides porn in his robes and just about everywhere else he can. Drinking and swearing are completely acceptable to him as well. In Frau’s mind, rules don’t apply to him. Rebellion is just too much fun.

On the surface, Frau tends to show that he thinks he’s above everyone else. He teases others continually with his typical high and mighty attitude and cocky smile. Frau openly uses degrading nicknames for people, including his superiors. He’s incredibly self assured, especially about his looks. In his mind, what woman wouldn’t want him? This works in his favor since he spends any time he can get away from the church in brothels. He even flirts with all of the nuns in the church.

Also typical of your little boy, Frau really does care for other people; however, he refuses to let anyone see that. His deep desire to help people comes from an early event in his life. As a child he’d suffered the loss of his friends from an attack on the sky pilots. He turned away from God then and began to see the world without any hope. Frau suffered tremendously from this, but he found that his heavy heart was lightened somewhat when he helped others. He’s continued to hide his tender-heartedness, but he constantly goes out of his way to aid another person.

In fact, Frau is so determined to help other people that he’d willingly sacrifice himself for them. Everyone else is far more important than he is. His desire to help people also connects with his attempts to balance the evil that resides within him.

Frau is the wielder of Verloren’s scythe. Being a part of the God of Death, the scythe is malevolent and basically has its own consciousness. The scythe is continually eating away at Frau’s soul, corrupting him from within. The scythe consumes human souls, and as a result, so does Frau. However, Frau is fighting against its influence with all his might. He restricts himself to consuming only the souls of people who are corrupted.

Unfortunately, the scythe is winning. Frau knows he has very little time left. Already the scythe is altering his personality at times. When the desire for a good soul gets too strong, Frau begins to lose control. He becomes almost giddy with desire for a soul, and his outward appearance changes to something sinister. Like this, Frau begins to have trouble distinguishing between right and wrong. So far he has been able to recognize when this is happening and get control over the scythe again. Just like with his kind side, he never reveals to another person his struggles with the scythe or his pain from fighting it.

Despite the beaming smile of pointed teeth, when Frau is under the scythe’s influence even someone who doesn’t know him could pick out that he’s not someone you want to screw with. If color could represent a personality, black would be it for a scythe controlled Frau. In fact, the aura pouring off Frau all of the time is a black that’s darker than night. The scythe is becoming so strong, that all of these traits can drastically increase when Frau loses complete control and the scythe takes over. Frau’s been dragged back from this state once before, and he remembered nothing that had happened. Eventually the scythe will totally consume his human soul and seek to return to Verloren and aid him using Frau in the process.

Character Plans:
My plans are definitely not concrete yet. This big of a community is new to me, so I’m going to go slowly to get the feel for things. I definitely want to get Frau out there to meet people and cause general havoc because he’s quite good at that. At some point I’d love to toss him out to fight the darkness part too. It will be interesting for Frau to be in a place that fits quite a few of his personality traits, though there are definitely parts of Siren’s Pull that will rub him the wrong way.


Writing Samples

First Person Sample
Heh. Who knew that a security job could have such great perks?

[There’s a rustle of cloth followed by a click as he lights a cigarette]

I could definitely get used to this. No Castor or Old Man telling me to get to Mass all the time…

[There’s a pause as he watches a very scantily clad woman stroll past]

There are quite a few lovely things to look at too. So much better than magazines. You see the little details. Like that tattoo. So tiny yet it makes such a big impression with its… location. Mmm… Location is everything.

[There’s a rattling coming from the door behind him and what might be some sickening screeches of bloodlust as well]

Tch! This job isn’t all fun and games. Bring it on. There is no way in hell you’re getting past me. You are seriously going to regret separating me from my girls.

Third Person Sample
At first, nothing made any sense at all. Frau groaned and wobbled a bit, pressing his hand to his forehead as he tried to still the nausea. Nausea and a pounding headache. He opened his eyes.

“Did I… trip up?” he mumbled softly.

The scythe seemed to be in check though, so he couldn’t have lost control. Besides, when he forced his aching head to think back, there weren’t any blank spots in his memory. Everything seemed crystal clear minus the reason for the nausea, momentary weakness, and massive explosion going on still in his head.

“What the..?

Clear as mud. This was not Barsburg. The sagging, rusting fence, the weeds, the desolation, even just the feel of the place was… wrong. This wasn’t home.

“Where… am I?”

That question soon took the back seat to a much more important one.

“Teito? Oi, damn brat! This isn’t time for games!”

Frau turned around, desperately searching for the kid. Damn kid! He was always disappearing on him like a disobedient puppy! But… what if this time Teito wasn’t the one who had disappeared…

“Shit. I’ve got to find a way out of here. The clock’s ticking down already.”

If only he didn’t feel like all hope was lost, that there was no chance he would make it back home before Teito’s collar exploded. Yup. If the empty space around him could talk, it would gladly tell him, “You’re screwed.”

Oh wait, that blaring sign across the way was telling him that. Impulsively, Frau snapped off a blast of zaiphon. The sign exploded into a million pieces. Frau couldn’t help smiling at the victory, though it did him no good and meant nothing.

“Like I need someone to tell me that.”
I knew there was going to be some kind of repercussion for all of that... but still.  I feel miserable.
[video post]

I swear it's one thing after another around here...

[Is covered head to toe in mud, and mud doesn't go well with a bishop's robes]
[accidental video post, there are feathers floating all around the room and you might get a glimpse of Frau at the beginning.  When the start to settle to the floor you'll see him in the middle with pillow cases stuck to the claws he has coming out of his knuckles, like Wolverine]

This... isn't good.  

I thought I had figured this problem out yesterday after I diced our blankets when I was cleaning up.  

Teito is so going to kill me. 
I'm starting to get sick of this.  Something's wrong here, I just can't tell what.  He was always annoyingly concerned about me, but this is a bit much.  The kid is acting like a magnet.  It's over the top.  It keeps getting worse too.  Dang it, what the hell's going on?  It's not like him, at least not this much!